Bad Education

Bad Education


I am so glad this movie lived up to the hype, particularly Hugh Jackman’s performance. Frank is such a complex role and I want to see Jackman doing more work like this in the future. The character has so much depth that is slowly revealed over the course of Bad Education and that leaves much to think about after the credits roll. 

The dark humor of this small-town crime story reminded me a lot of Election and some earlier Coen Brothers comedies.  Allison Janney and Ray Romano bring their classic dry wit to a sharp script and elevate the supporting cast around Jackman. 

I think this is an important film about journalistic integrity (embodied brilliantly by Geraldine Viswanathan) in the face of a world-ending scandal. Especially with politics as they are today, it’s easy to forget the people who are most affected by decisions made at the top level. Bad Education serves as a reminder that selfish sociopaths are everywhere, some hiding right under our noses, making important decisions that affect the masses *ahem ahem*

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