Django Unchained

Django Unchained

“You silver-tongued devil you...”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Sam Jackson, and Christoph Waltz all gave Oscar worthy supporting performances in this movie, which I think also speaks to how strong Tarantino’s script was. 

The best scene of this on a rewatch was the first Mandingo fight: where each character has their own reactions to the horror that they are witnessing. Calvin Candy watches with amusement and intrigue, Dr. Shultz wearily watches with disgust, the black servant girl is smugly unbothered having seen this everyday, and Django looks away, knowing that this is unfortunately common practice. 

“I kill white people and get paid for it. What’s not to like?” Only Tarantino could have made a movie this bold, and I liked Django even more having not seen it in many years. 

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