The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel was the reason I wanted to do Wes Anderson as my latest filmography marathon. When I put my list of every movie I’ve seen ranked from favorite to least favorite on this app, the comment I got the most was by far that Grand Budapest was too low. I can safely say that in all my years of maintaining this list, no film has ever moved so much between my first watch and this most recent one. While Grand Budapest was originally at #1100 on my list, it is now my favorite Wes Anderson movie I’ve seen yet. 

When I was twelve years old, my mom and I started watching every best picture nominee together. In 2014 when The Grand Budapest Hotel first came out, I hated it, and I mean truly hated it. I thought it was weird, there were no lightsabers in it, and I never wanted to watch it again. So there it sat, at #1100, not to be touched until 2020 where I sat in my basement, making my way through each Wes Anderson movie. With a newfound respect for Anderson’s films, and a greater love for cinema in general, I can’t believe I was such a fool. 

I think that The Grand Budapest Hotel is a masterpiece akin to “Boy with Apple”: the breathtaking production design, Desplat’s peppy score, and a cavalcade of Wes’s greatest actors and actresses. I don’t know how I watched this movie all those years ago and couldn’t even appreciate how much care went into each frame. This was the first time during this marathon where I truly understand the whimsical love people have for everything this man creates. 

What I loved the most about this movie was Ralph Fiennes as Gustave H.  Looking back it blows my mind that he was not nominated for an Oscar for this; it’s a perfectly acted comedy role, with just enough glimpses into his generous soul to make us care about him. 

This was also the best screenplay Anderson has written yet. The dialogue between F. Murray Abraham and Jude Law was magical, and the quick witted comedy has never been stronger. Throw in some bit parts for all of his favorite actors that all have their moment in the spotlight, and you’ve got a near perfect film. 

To everyone who called me out for having The Grand Budapest Hotel too low on my list, thank you 🙏🏻. This is why I love this app and watching the Grand Budapest all these years later reaffirmed for me once again why I love watching movies. I’m happy to say, that The Grand Budapest Hotel is now...

{#130 on my Favorites list} {#3 on Best Movies of 2014 list}

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