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  • Pat and Mike

    Pat and Mike


    Katharine Hepburn's face appearing on a horse still blows my mind.

    I wrote about it for The Solute!

  • Freeway



    The miracle of this movie is the way that Bright’s gallows humour and Witherspoon’s incredible performance stop the parade of horrific events from ever feeling depressing or overwhelming; Vanessa is a match for anyone and anything, whether it’s a serial killer, a prejudiced cop, or the toughest girl in prison.

    I wrote about this wonderful, ridiculous movie for the Solute!

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  • Brain Smasher... A Love Story

    Brain Smasher... A Love Story


    Surprised there's so many lukewarm reviews of this on here, I had so much fun with it! It's a "one crazy night" movie with a premise that really pushes the crazy - supermodel Teri Hatcher teams up with hyper-competent bouncer Andrew Dice Clay to save her sister from a rampaging group of power-hungry Shaolin monks!?

    The action is inventive and well-shot and Albert Pyun gets to fill every scene with smoke and shoot it from weird angles, as is his…

  • Loved Up

    Loved Up


    As cautionary tales go, this one is pretty chilled out. You'd kinda think that a movie about rave culture that was used to educate school kids about the dangers of drugs would have a stronger message than "beware! some of the people you meet might eventually turn out to be dickheads!" but the even-handed treatment here means it has aged surprisingly well.

    The cast list has aged well too - Lena Headey has an early starring role, and the supporting…

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