1001 Grams

1001 Grams ★★★★

30 Countries 2017: Norway

I had another Norwegian film picked out for this challenge, but then I realised it was the perfect excuse to finally import a copy of this film from my favourite Norwegian director, since it's apparently never going to get a proper release in this stupid country. It was an excellent decision!

I love Bent Hamer's films. They all seem to revolve around slightly broken, lonely people; often they've spent their whole life in a repetitive pattern and are somewhat surprised to be shaken out of it. The premise of this one - a Norwegian woman takes Norway's "official kilogram" to a convention in Paris - is so blissfully, delightfully boring and odd at the same time, and the film is much the same. Ane Dahl Torp is perfect in the lead role, so melancholy but likeable too, and like the other Hamer films I've seen, it's beautifully lit.

It might not quite reach the peaks of Hamer's masterpiece (and a strong contender for my favourite film of all time), O'Horten, but there aren't many films that can capture this weirdly relaxing, oddly uplifting kind of sadness, and it's wonderful to have another one out there in the world.