Fade to Black

Fade to Black ★★★½

The 2nd of Horroctober - #28

An enjoyably offbeat horror with plenty of treats for film buffs, as Eric Binford uses his knowledge of movie history to stage some memorable kills against people who have wronged him.

I must admit, I got pretty excited when I saw Tim "Dollman" Thomerson's name in the opening credits, and his police psychiatrist character is initially set up to be pretty interesting, but after the first act he kind of falls away and doesn't get to show much personality when he returns to chase down Eric in the closing scenes. That's only a minor disappointment though, otherwise Fade to Black is a fun little thriller that kind of reminded me of Larry Cohen's films.

Special mention to Linda Kerridge as the Marilyn Monroe lookalike who helps set Eric off on his voyage of mayhem when she (accidentally) stands him up. She doesn't seem to have much of a career outside this film, but considering she was presumably only cast for her physical resemblance to Marilyn, I thought she was great.

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