Hereditary ★★

Christ. I'm used to not quite clicking with the one horror film selected as The Horror Film of the Year (who decides this, by the way?), but I can usually at least see the appeal. What the fuck is everyone seeing in this one?

It starts strong, for sure, and Toni Collette's excellent performance holds it together to some extent after that, but as the focus of the film starts shifting more and more onto Peter (terribly played by Alex Wolff), a character given exactly one personality trait ("he's a stoner!"), the film falls to pieces in spectacular fashion. It doesn't help that the second half goes off down a different path, full of goofy weirdness that I would USUALLY find endearing, but this film seems to take all of it completely seriously in a way that I found pretty much insufferable.

To make things worse, I figured I wouldn't miss much in the football by popping out to see this big old slab of misplaced hype, but I seem to have missed the match of the tournament so far! And one of my neighbour's cats has been beaten up by a thuggish new beast. Fuck you, Hereditary, I could have stayed at home, seen loads of goals, protected a cat and had a beer. Leaving the house is deeply overrated.

I did like Colin Stetson's score, though. Nice work, Colin.

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