Housebound ★★★★

Mayhem Festival - Day Three

Another top-notch New Zealand horror comedy, the country that seemingly knows better than anywhere else how to make you laugh in fear. Housebound sends repeat-offender Kylie back to live with her mum for 8 months, under house arrest after a botched burglary and substance abuse problems.

While the conflict between Kylie and her mum is funny enough that it probably could have sustained an excellent film on its own, the added bonus here is that the house, which Kylie can't stray more than a few metres from, may be haunted. Housebound is certainly more successful as a comedy than a horror, but it does deliver some creepy moments too. The cast is great, and Morgana O'Reilly excels in the lead role. She's tough, and skeptical, so once the house does start getting to her it feels well-earned.

Housebound is an extremely impressive debut film from Gerard Johnstone. It manages to pull of the jokes, some good scares, and it looks great too. Looking forward to what he does next!

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