How to Get Ahead in Advertising ★★★★

Wow, that Richard E Grant performance! He’s absolutely sensational here as the high-flying advertising executive who suddenly starts to see the grim reality of his profession - thanks to a conscience that manifests itself as a talking boil. As he struggles to retain control of his own mind and body he really throws everything into the role and the result is one of the most dizzyingly insane performances I’ve ever seen - and as a fan of Nicolas Cage I don’t say that lightly.

Like many wildly energetic comedy films, this one can’t quite keep the pace up - when the madcap antics of the first half slow into a slightly slower satire I stopped finding this quite as thrilling, but it’s still an incredibly unusual and effective film. That first half is close to perfection though, some of Grant’s line readings are utterly inspired and gave me some of the best laughs I’ve had in quite a while.