The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die ★★★

This has excellent "let's all meet up at the weekend and make a goofy zombie movie" vibes, which I'm fully into in theory, but combining that with a massive all-star cast didn't really work for me. There are characters here I'd like to see more of, and other characters who do nothing for the film whatsoever keep cutting into the good stuff.

There are plenty of moments that really got to me, especially any scene with Caleb Landry Jones or Tilda Swinton, but then there's the young offenders subplot that goes precisely nowhere. And I found the repeated theme-tune gag very funny but the other meta "I've read the script" stuff really fell flat. There's also two of my personal, weirdly common pitfalls here - mentioning cats but then not delivering any, and casting Carol Kane but giving her nothing to do.

Definitely not among my favourites from Jarmusch but it does still have it's charms, and I can see why he'd want to do something dumb and weird after the total masterpiece that was Paterson. Don't think I'll be rushing back to this one any time soon, though.

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