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  • Garbage



    it's not gold, but far from trash.

  • Bad Milo

    Bad Milo


    Bad Milo has all the potential to be a fun 80ish horror comedy, with a "dash" of Frank Henenlotter, but ends up being one to many anus jokes and no laughs. I did not laugh once. It does have some heart, fun creature design and a fun idea. But really unremarkable, Milo.

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  • Horror of Dracula

    Horror of Dracula


    As a young boy, just woken up from a feverish Donald Duck-nightmare, our one and ONLY TV-channel was showing this seminal Hammer horror-flick. Suddenly my bedroom was filled with James Bernards bone crushing score, crashing into me as blood red openings credits chiseled onto the screen. In the background an Imperial Eagle glares out in the distance, as the camera moves, slowly to reveal the gate of a larger stone castle. Tracking down towards a doorway, leading us inside Dracula's…

  • Frankenstein's Army

    Frankenstein's Army


    Lets be clear, this flick has its problems. Lack of plot, poor acting, shaky cam, found footage, sloppy ending and so on. But by the time Frankensteins steampunk creatures hit the screen, I am just simply jaw-droppingly hooked. The cat-and-mouse game thru dark corridors, adventuring into even more disturbing revelations, is just a super fun ride. Its CGI-free schlock fun, dark and witty. Thumbs up!