The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★

Once you put it on, The Devil All the Time soon becomes way too much like quick-skimming a novel you've been forced to read. All the behaviour just seems off (an issue exacerbated by the overwhelming lack of Americans spouting the words), like rejected storylines from a primetime soap ripping off Justified.

It's a shame, because the epic scope story with wild ideas about hopping perspectives appeals to me, but it comes out too generic and grimdark. There's too little joy, levity, humour, or anything else to grapple onto as Antonio Campos flops his overlong yarn across the finish line.

It's not all bad and in fact opens with some nice storytelling, though (like The King) it's a long wait for an over-advertised Robert Pattinson (the only notably good performance aside from maybe Harry Melling). I did not vibe with the music.

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