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  • Katalin Varga

    Katalin Varga


    If you're a fan of the arch stylings of Peter Strickland, such as he has deployed in films like The Duke of Burgundy and In Fabric, his debut feature may take a you a little by surprise.

    Katalin Varga is an exercise in stylistic restraint and minimalism. Strickland lets his magnificent Carpathian locations do the work. Cinematographer Márk Győri shoots the verdant summer fields and forests of Romania. The haunting score by Geoffrey Cox and Steven Stapleton overlays the images…

  • The Transformers: The Movie

    The Transformers: The Movie


    I vividly remember seeing this at the cinema - it might have been my birthday - and having my mind completely and irrevocably blown. Partly at the spectacle. Partly at the rockin' soundtrack (which I confidently proclaimed to be the greatest movie music of all time, and I was fully familiar Queen's Flash Gordon soundtrack at this point so I have no excuse). But primarily at the absolute mass slaughter of almost every beloved Transformers character from the Saturday morning…

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  • The Hunger

    The Hunger


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Lust for a Female Vampire

    Audio commentary with director Tony Scott and star Susan Sarandon

    Susan Sarandon confides that what most interested her about this project was the idea of being faced with the choice of living an eternal life if it meant you had to live it with an all-consuming addiction. I'm assuming she meant the addiction to blood, but I've always wondered what happens when Miriam chooses her next lover and turns them immortal only to find out…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    Where is Edgar Wright headed, I wonder? I totally understand him wanting to move on from comedy. Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead are two of the greatest comedy films of the 21st century - and for my money will still be seen as such in 2099 - so why bother sticking at comedy when the best he can hope to do is come within striking distance of what he's already achieved before? Don't get me wrong, I'd selfishly…

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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall


    I committed a bit of a faux-pas. A friend of mine said he wanted to have a movie night and he suggested Blade Runner because it's his favourite movie. I'm not going to say no to watching Blade Runner, but I suggested a Philip K Dick double feature, with Total Recall as the B movie. Problem is, I sent him an Outlook calendar invite titled "Dickfest" which triggered an alarm in his work's security software and gave his wife a…

  • Alien



    Hooptober6 – mosQuito-thewinged-dragon-serpent #81

    Rule 5: Films featuring the work of Carlo Rambaldi - second of two movies

    I don't really know where to start when talking about Alien. I just think it's one of the greatest horror movies ever made - some might think it's over-rated, and that's fine because my love for this is a pretty subjective thing. I've always been a sci-fi nerd as much as a horror nerd (I'm ambinerdstrous) - so this movie just captured…