Fallen Angel ★★½

Hmmm, methinks this one has aged pretty badly. The moral seems to be stand by your husband no matter how much of a dick he proves to be. I think we were supposed to admire Alice Faye's character but all I could think was how stupid she seemed to be. First up, why the fuck would she marry him and then why is she acknowledging what a bastard he is but yet choosing to stand by him? The smugly superior way she lectures her sister on why she'll stick by him made me slightly nauseous.
The murder mystery resolution is pretty darn weak, too, to the point of it being comical. That detective was unintentionally funny all the way through - I think we're supposed to be shocked at how he beats the suspects, but I could only laugh at the way he was saying "You gave her the ring didn't you? [smack] Yeah? [slap] You did, didn't you? [oof] C'mon, didn't you? [pow] You gave her the ring!"
This was my first Otto Preminger (I think?) and I was pretty disappointed, to be honest.