Fright Night Part 2

Fright Night Part 2 ★★★★½

Wow - we shouldn't have to resort to youtube to see this, it needs a blu-ray release.
I didn't even know there was a sequel to Fright Night until someone pointed it out to me. How did this sink without a trace? I actually liked it even more than the original.
Maybe the premise loses people early on - Jerry Dandridge's sister coming to take revenge on Charlie and Peter doesn't sound all that inspired. But the quality of this film is in its execution. I personally loved the aesthetic - Tommy Lee Wallace imbues it with a lot more atmosphere and mood than the original (no disrespect to Tom Holland's more straightforward approach). I read a review comparing the feel of this film to De Palma, and although I wouldn't put Wallace in the same bracket as him, I think the comparison in this case makes a lot of sense.
The performances are excellent. It's just great to be able to hang out a bit more with Charlie Brewster and Peter Vincent! But Julie Carmen does a great job as Regine and I also really enjoyed John Gries as the sort of werewolf-vampire guy who gets the hots for Charlie's girlfriend.
But nothing prepared me for the all-out gore fest at the end of the film. If you're into practical gore, you have to see this film, it's fucking amazing stuff. I was already enjoying it, but the final sequences lifted this film into the stratosphere for me.
I'll be first in the queue for the blu-ray if it ever gets released. Totally awesome film

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