The Mist ★★★★★

So, having just happily watched an excellent Stephen King adaptation in It, I thought I might revisit The Mist, as I have always loved this film, plus I have just read the novella a few weeks ago.

My blu-ray has the black and white version as a bonus feature, so I gave it a spin. Man - this thing looks like it was filmed in black and white - the way the lighting and effects have been done, I think I actually like the black and white print better than the colour one.

I really believe that this movie actually improves the original story, just in two simple but pretty profound decisions. Firstly, David doesn't slink up to the office to have sex with Amanda at some point (one of the weirder things in the original story). But mainly because of the ending. The original ending is fine, but the one in the film - man, that is one of the most incredible endings to any film, ever.

Great cast, great effects, fucking incredible creature design, wonderful suspense and true gut-wrenching fear and horror - what a classic.

Oh, and a final word on the Marcia Gay Harden character (who, on the basis of lots of letterboxd reviews seems to elicit more horror than the creatures themselves): she does have the best line in the movie. When Amanda offers to give her some friendship and support and she turns around and says "When I need a little friend like you, I'll just squat down and shit one out." Oh man, that makes me laugh so hard. When I first saw this, I figured that sounded like such a Stephen King line that it must have been lifted straight from the novella, but it's not in it at all! Darabont wrote the screenplay - just shows how in tune with King he is.

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