Tintorera: Killer Shark

Tintorera: Killer Shark

Full disclosure: I couldn't find a subtitled version and although the sections with Fiona Lewis and Susan George are in English, the rest is in Spanish. And, as well as my Spanish being far from fluent, Mexicans talk so fucking fast you can barely make out the words. So it's possible I've missed some deep nuance in the dialogue.

But somehow I doubt it matters much with this movie.

Besides this being a silly cheap rip-off sharksploitation film, and despite the possibility that Hugo Stiglitz was the real-life "Most Interesting Man in the World" that Dos Equis were talking about, this is basically a lot of footage of real sharks getting slaughtered for no reason and, even more distressing, gratuitous close-ups of Andres Garcia's chest hair. So, no thanks.

One star for that beautiful beach and that beautiful Susan George.

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