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  • WALL·E



    Words cannot describe how amazing this movie is.
    It's beautiful. The use of Hello Dolly in the opening is honestly amazing. Great. The message is amazing and I cannot describe how happy I feel when I watch this film.
    If you havent seen it what's wrong with you. Watch WALL-E.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Creature from the Black Lagoon


    It's not all that great. Dialogue is pretty nice, but the entire movie I just feel bad for the poor creature. I don't see him as a villain nor am I even rooting for the humans. The dude just wants to live his life and these humans wont let him.
    Made me sad.

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  • Pilgrim



    It was pretty good! The music is great, though it is a bit generic at times. It's dark and the main dude who plays Ethan is absolutely incredible. Can't believe I'm saying this, but we needed a solid Thanksgiving themed horror movie that isn't about a turkey that runs around killing people (looking at you thankskilling). Overall, pretty solid! There is one plot point that I feel is super forced and only exists as an easy way out...but not everyone is perfect, I guess. Other than that, pretty nice. Sure.

  • Klaus



    Okay. Quick a simple: This movie is beautiful. I cried. It's mature and it's amazing. The only things I didn't like were the kinda generic plot points, but a lot of it is super good! So minus that one scene that is super generic, it's a great film.