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  • Berlin



    As i cruise the web finding out what Im doing for the night, I have no idea what im in for:

    Before I watched Lou Reed "Berlin 2007" (FULL) I created the concert that we should only be aloud to see in heaven. I had Sonic Youth- Live in Germany 1996 (FULL) as the openers for the greatest night of my life! And I would highly..... ;) Recommend getting some Astral Projection magic for this. Bring the tissues. Light a…

  • Dolemite Is My Name

    Dolemite Is My Name


    Best movie of the year. Jesus. Loved it. Give it to me. Wesley Snipes. Oh my God!

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  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    This movie is fucking wild. I loved it. Exactly what i needed. im exhausted man. my phones broke too just fyi. My life is terrible. Oh my god. oh well. Im kind of into it. Cruising the wave.... wwwwhooooossshhh... Excited for tomorrow..... wwwwhhoooosssshh... Humans being all fucked up...... An uneven life. Kind of like this movie.
    People are taking some weird swings on movies these days. Weird weird weird.

    So, thats probably why i liked it so much.

  • Joker



    Oh man, this movie sucked. These losers think they're so strong, and they tried to make a sucky movie sexy. But they didn't. It just sucks. If they understood what actually sucks, then maybe. If they understood that they made a lifestyle choice of sucking, and they learned that they sucked, then maybe id like the suckwel. But they're just living in a world of suckers man. Thinking they're cool and shit. But i think they fucking suck man.

    Much love #fromTheMinimumWager
    #nice try
    #Wrong scipt
    #Jauqiun phoenix/