Heathers ★★★★½

After seeing my university's musical production of this film I felt inclined to watch the original, and I certainly wasn't let down. What a ridiculously dramaticized yet surprisingly accurate and nihilistic look at society from a teenage perspective. We often use humor as a way to cope with death, and the characters here are no exception. You can definitely see Heathers's influence in Mean Girls with the plastics and it contributes immensely to the entire "high school is hell" genre of film. I appreciate and can certainly see it's role in the development of today's film industry. The dialogue was a little tongue in cheek, but still smart and well executed nonetheless. I also really loved the color scheme and the 80s clothes! 

Side note: Charmed is one of my favorite shows so I was pleasantly surprised to see Shannen Doherty here, she was great :)

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