American Honey

American Honey

a true american story.

i have never been a fan of films that showcase a prosperous and wealthy american dream: that plot only applies to 3% of america while the other 97% are middle and lower-class men and women who work as hard as they can to make a living. "american honey" is a film that presents poverty, not privilege; each character struggles to provide for themselves, but their carelessness, youthful ambition and appetite for life creates a new definition on what it means to be rich.

the portrayal of america in this movie isn't one that is wonderful because, in reality, america is not a wonderful country. there is no equality of opportunity because not everyone is born with the same chances. the characters' carefree nature can only be considered hereditary, given by parents and nurtured from troubled environments. we don't know much about star or anyone from the magazine crew: only that they're newly legal, far from home, and are not missed. however, these circumstances don't seem to phase their ambition. they work and (try to) play later- a true american ideal.

throughout the film, the question "what is your dream?" is asked. no answer fits the american dream but rather a specialized version of it, unique to each character. whether that dream be a place in the woods or a big trailer with little kids, it applies to their idea of what success is. does this make the american dream dead? the one where americans believe that money and prosperity amount to happiness? no, it's not dead; it's more alive than ever, but there is not one definition of success, and "american honey" says we should stop pretending there is.

recommended for those who have their own version of "the dream."

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