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  • Bad Times at the El Royale

    Bad Times at the El Royale


    This film has a really cool poster.

    The theater was really cold. Luckily, I brought a blanket and a campfire to keep me warm. The people who run the theater wanted to borrow some of my marshmallows, but I didn't let them have any because I only brought 4.

    There's a lot of unmotivated camera movement in this film. A lot. So, so much. The framing and blocking were very nice, though, most of the time.

    I love Cabin in…

  • Maniac



    There's so much good about this series. So much. I was completely in love with the first 5 episodes, and the last 5 didn't hit me quite as hard as the first 5, but overall, an incredible job.

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  • Venom



    The first act is steaming, hot garbage. I think Tom Hardy was drunk most of the film. And listen. I'm a huge fan of Hardy. I think he's one of the best actors alive today. Venom did everything in its power to take him over and make him absolutely mediocre.

    And Michelle Williams? I hope she got paid a ton of money, because she was so grossly underused. She's such an incredible actress, and here she is, not being used.…

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    I have a lot of feelings.

    Ok, now let me talk about this film. Lady Bird. First - Saoirse Ronan. Obviously she just carries the film because she is the film, being the visual centerpiece and mouthpiece of the writer/director.

    The music - especially in the 2nd half. Anyone who knows me knows I love Jon Brion. Somehow I missed that he was the composer, but halfway through the film I was like - ummm is this Brion? Yes. Yes…