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  • Jackie



    Let's start with the good:

    Natalie did a fine job. I didn't love her performance, though, and it definitely isn't anywhere near as good as what she did in Black Swan.

    There are some amazing shots in this film. A few times I even ooooo'd aloud, and I was watching it on a plane.

    Obviously the wardrobe and set design were very well done.

    And the music. There were times I thought the music out shined the film. Like, if…

  • Split



    I just arrived in Hong Kong, and I can't sleep. This has nothing to do with Split. 

    First of all, I liked this film. I was always in. 

    I want to talk about the rating of the film. PG13. Here's what's interesting about this rating to me: it allowed the film to be a little more subtle and nuanced. They could venture into some tough things, but my brain kept telling me "This is not an R, so they can't…

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  • Birdman



    Technical. Beautiful. So well done. The acting was great at times. The times it wasn't, I believe it wasn't supposed to be, so that's interesting. I really want to love this film. But I don't. But I really, really appreciate it. In my heart it's a solid 3 stars, but I want to give it 5 stars, because BRAVO.

    This is the same way I felt after I watched The Master, Gravity, and to a lesser extent, Tinker Tailor Soldier…

  • Whiplash



    First of all, I saw this on a plane on a tiny screen. I didn't want to watch it for the first time on a plane flying over an ocean, but I did. Even on a tiny screen with the sounds of jet engines blasting beside me, it was pretty spectacular.

    A couple of the scenes made the lead character, Andrew, less likable, and if those scenes were different, I think this movie could have been even better for me. A well crafted film with an incredible performance by JK Simmons.