A Ghost Story

What does one say about a film like this? I really have no idea. I even read a bunch of other reviews just to see what other people said about it.

First of all - I don't know if this movie is a comedy, a drama, a tragedy, or a very specific type of film made to make the concept of genre, and even the idea of time and space, feel like futile pieces of ghost dirt.


***sort of****

Rooney eats a pie - in real time - and then throws it up. There are some static shots in this film that are as long as the film itself.

I seriously dozed off 8 times in the film, and when I woke up, I wasn't sure how long I slept, because sometimes the ghost stood in the middle of a room for 10 minutes, and nothing happened.

I'd love to know what Lowry was thinking with that aspect ratio.

I can't rate this film right now, because I'm not even sure what I just experienced.

The second half of the film is super interesting, if you can even stay awake during the first half of it.

Here's the thing - I like pie. A lot. I'm a huge pie person. I'm not sure I needed to see M eat a pie in real time and throw it up. In all honesty, as I watched the scene, all I could think about was: is this her first take? How many takes did it take to get this right?

This is a fascinating film. I really do think that. But I don't know what else to think right now.

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