Columbus ★★★★

Columbus is a beautiful, methodically paced film. Each shot is a painting and case study on depth and lines.

I know several people who worked on this film, and they should be incredibly proud. It's unbelievably meticulous and steady while being still and contemplative. The filmmakers captured the essence of this unbelievable town that I now have to visit.

Here are a few notes and thoughts, for those still reading:

1. I have a serious problem when actors who are smoking in a film don't know how to smoke. I don't know why it irks me so much, considering I don't smoke. In this particular film, everything is about the characters, and when they do something that doesn't look completely natural, it takes you out of the story. AND - it's a huge pet peeve of mine when every time someone smokes a cigarette, they only smoke half of it, then put it out. From what I understand, those things aren't cheap. Why would you only smoke half? I see it all the time in movies and television.

2. I'm a fan of the actors in this film. That being said, I'm afraid the director didn't get out of them what I think maybe he could have. At times, it feels so natural and real, and other times, flat. Haley Lu Richardson is going to be a gem if she can keep it up. I really like John Cho, and I want him to succeed. I wanted to feel more chemistry, and it never got there for me.

3. Have I mentioned how stunning the film is?

4. **Possible spoiler** Something happened in the film toward the end. It felt like a mistake in the editing. Something was mentioned, and then something was happening, and it was so fast after such an evenly paced film. And every time Casey even thought about leaving, she mentioned her mom. 25 times at least. And then cut cut cut - she was leaving. I was so confused. I'm sure I missed something. I had to, right? I looked around to make sure I didn't time travel, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. Did I?

My biggest regret is not catching this in the theater.