Ingrid Goes West ★★★

Here's my emotional journey while watching the film:

**possible spoilers, but nothing too huge**

At first, I was stressed out like one might be watching one of those movies where you know someone is going to make poor choices and possibly get caught. I have more of a problem with these kinds of movies than horror films. Situational awkward types of "no no, don't do that" films.

And then I relaxed and said to myself - ok. Where are we going?

And then it didn't go nearly as dark as I thought it would (which, oddly, was a slight disappointment).

And then the ending happened, and it just didn't work for me. And now I'm typing this, disappointed, but not entirely.

I didn't dislike the film. It was fine, I guess. Several times during the film, I didn't believe it. I lost my suspension of disbelief. It felt like a Black Mirror episode, but a bit more mundane. I wanted it to be funnier.

I wanted it to be more like the Father John Misty video starring Aubrey Plaza (Hollywood Forever Cemetary).