Jackie ★★★

Let's start with the good:

Natalie did a fine job. I didn't love her performance, though, and it definitely isn't anywhere near as good as what she did in Black Swan.

There are some amazing shots in this film. A few times I even ooooo'd aloud, and I was watching it on a plane.

Obviously the wardrobe and set design were very well done.

And the music. There were times I thought the music out shined the film. Like, if the music wasn't playing, the film at certain moments would have been meaningless.

The bad:

I think the film was sleepy. I'm not a huge fan of biopics, but I had heard great things about this film, so I chose a distracted airplane viewing. Every time a toddler would crawl on top of me, I would pause, and I would never find myself longing to return, but I would because there was usually a beautiful image frozen on my screen.

I despised the editing of this film. At certain times, I wondered if they had destroyed the film to be better for an airplane, but I don't think they do that. I just think numerous editing choices were awful. I know I paused it a lot, but I would watch large blocks of the film and wonder what the hell they were doing.

I went into the film with low expectations, and the music and cinematography were very impressive. So... yay?