Lady Bird ★★★★★

I have a lot of feelings.

Ok, now let me talk about this film. Lady Bird. First - Saoirse Ronan. Obviously she just carries the film because she is the film, being the visual centerpiece and mouthpiece of the writer/director.

The music - especially in the 2nd half. Anyone who knows me knows I love Jon Brion. Somehow I missed that he was the composer, but halfway through the film I was like - ummm is this Brion? Yes. Yes it is.

The editing is really, really odd. The flow of the film is highly unusual. Jarring without being jarring. There was a definitely flow, but until later in the film, it felt like it lacked a flow while still flowing.

This film will be on my mind for a while. It's sweet, endearing, funny, heartfelt, and feels very real.

UPDATE: After marinating on this film - I love it more.