Seven Psychopaths ★★★

When I started this film, I had every intention of liking it. The only other film I've seen by McDonagh until this point is Three Billboards, which I liked very much. I watched the first 10 minutes of In Bruges, but the camera shook so much that I threw up and turned it off.

Someone said it was like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang meets Adaptation, and I like both of those films. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang being in my top 10.

This film is not as good as either of those.

The filmmaking isn't bad. The acting is mostly good.

I don't know. I guess I wanted more. It was either too outlandish, or not outlandish enough. I'm not sure right now.

There was a part where they talked about no women being in the screenplay, and it really was an interesting part of the film, except there really were no women in the film.

Obviously, McDonagh made up for it in Three Billboards, but... I don't know. Something didn't feel right, which is maybe why I've hesitated to watch it now for years. It's like my spider sense was telling me I wouldn't love the film.