Split ★★★★

I just arrived in Hong Kong, and I can't sleep. This has nothing to do with Split. 

First of all, I liked this film. I was always in. 

I want to talk about the rating of the film. PG13. Here's what's interesting about this rating to me: it allowed the film to be a little more subtle and nuanced. They could venture into some tough things, but my brain kept telling me "This is not an R, so they can't go too far." To me, this is a good and a bad. Bad because I never had pure dread running through my veins. Good, because it allowed M. Night to be more creative in how he told the story. 

And let's remember: this is not a big budget film. Great use of the money. McAvoy killed it, obviously. The rest of the cast (for the most part) was very good as well. Those who weren't know who they are.