Upgrade ★★½

Here's a list of thoughts.

1. Logan Marshall-Green plays an interesting poor man's Tom Hardy. Sometimes he did a few things that felt kind of Tom Hardy.
(speaking of Tom Hardy - ummmm - this film is super similar to Venom, based on the trailers... Odd.)

2. The fight sequences were actually a lot of fun. The camera work was good, and I could really feel the fights unfolding. That said - they were super gory and a tad too much at times.

3. The film was just too sadistic for me. Kind of like sci-fi torture porn.

4. The film really tried to have some heart, but it didn't have much heart. I appreciate what Blum House is doing in trying to make low budget stuff and try to make it look good. The cinematography helped in this one, and on some occasions, the production design. But it just felt a tad too low budget at times.

***Spoilers below***

I just didn't care for the ending. I'm not sure where I would have taken it, but it was like a not even close to as good Ex Machina, which worked so, so well. It didn't work well here.