Static ★★★★

Oddball 90s independent feature about a boy on a quest for, per Peter Godwin's 1982 synthpop banger, "Images of Heaven". Reminiscent of films like Michael Almereyda's "Twister" and Trent Harris' "Rubin & Ed" in its goofy yet sincere Americana poetry and warm colors. Interesting subset of films made in the 90s that strike this peculiar yet welcoming tone. It would be fun to program a series when we're allowed in the cinema again :)

Keith Gordon is adorable in the lead role as a young inventor. His invention is wild, deeply personal and beautiful in its premise, but the film makes a wise decision to not dwell on it so much, and to depict the actual thing rather simply, with very little screen time, late in the game. In this way, its power and meaning hover over the tragic denoument, casting a resonant spell, and the story retains a human level which could have been engulfed by a more bombastic sci-fi/wiz-kid trajectory. A success of delicate weirdness.

This film has TWO of my favorite songs in it, The The's "This Is The Day" and OMD's "Sealand", just adding to the overall vibe that really spoke to me.