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  • 1917



    1917 feels like what Scorsese really meant when he described the growing the cinema experience becoming a theme park ride. It's not a bad thing, and it's not even necessarily not 'cinema'. 1917 is an experience film. It doesn't aim for any transformative artistic statement, but rather a technical masterclass, with loose concepts of the audience having their perspective shifted in this new angle.

    It is a brilliant creative decision, with some amazing (if a little surface level) technical mastery. It reminds me of Gravity. Something you've got to try and see on a bigger screen.

  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


    Definitely my own fault, but going into this one blind felt like such a detriment to the experience. Contextual information is something I've realised I value greatly when it comes to film, especially when it comes to independent cinema.

    For a long while I didn't really understand what Cummings was trying to achieve with this, his performance is so over-the-top that it kind of defies normal definition. His being over-the-top is kind of the point, and his exaggerated emotional range is a character trait that the film explores.

    Will have to see it again.

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  • Birdman



    An excellent look at the divide between high class and popular culture and the ignorance that one is more relevant than the other is. Also an excellent way of looking at how actors will view themselves in the contexts of their popularity despite that not really being something that really matters at all.

    The cinematography style was flawless and well executed making the film flow almost as if it was the theatre.

    Wonderful picture.

  • Theatre of Blood

    Theatre of Blood


    To all of you that have aided Theatre of Blood's horrendously low 3.6 average rating. I hope he turns up at your house and force feeds you a pet pie.

    The range of dynamic shots, the juxtaposing pallette, the caper-esque set pieces and humour. I LOVE this film, and I'm not even just saying that as a meme because I'm scared Vincent Price will bake my cat. The way everything this film does serves the themes of its narrative is done so uniquely. It's the best kind of bare bones plot there is. No unneeded complexity, just barebones murder comedy.