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  • Hounds of Love

    Hounds of Love

    Did not understand where the director tried to get me with this. 

    Yeah, the thing can be unsettling for obvious reasons but you know what’s more unsettling ? The kinda empathy toward Evie that is almost suggested by certain scenes. Or maybe it’s me after all.. 

    Not very likable of a movie even if it gas some good ideas such as slowmotion that focuses on frivolous instants life offers vs the normal pace of life after a shock. Shout also to the use of color to set apart the killers’ environnement from the famili’s one. Although not sure it was intended.

  • A Snake of June

    A Snake of June

    Very tense thriller set in a city where  rain is always pouring yet the protagonists don’t hestistate to go out and do their job. 

    The weather here plays alsmot as a side character that participate to the tension, just as the blue filter that amplifies the oppressive situation depicted to that point when youu can feel claustrophobic even in the outside scenes. 

    All in all, a very unsettling yet interesting piece of cinema.

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  • Band of Outsiders

    Band of Outsiders


    Sometimes you just need a spontaneous trip with not much regards to the rules of storytelling and editing. 
    Enjoyed Bande À Part for the chaises musicales and minute de silence scene, the dance sequence and the marathon visit of the Louvre among other features but I must say that these parts were very enjoyable.

  • Magnolia


    فسيفساء من الشخصيات

    Didn’t know what to do with this movie after my first viewing yestersay. After of a good night of sleep and a cup of coffee, I’ve  come to the conclusion that It’s pointless to look for a straight story or any particular theme. This is a depiction of the lives of a couple of people that would intersect at some point but don’t necessarily influence each other, not in a direct way at least.

    The way I…