Modern Educayshun

Modern Educayshun

a selection of top youtube comments:

'Wait this is 4 YEARS OLD? We're literally getting closer and closer to this'

'It’s scary how relevant this gets, year by year.'

'I came across this again. Watched it years ago. Back then I didn't realise the actual genius writing. And also. The girl is an amazing actor.'

'Fact that 47000 people disliked it is almost as disturbing as the predicted modern educayshun'

'I came in here expecting a comedic parody, not a psychological horror'

'I still can't believe this was made in 2015....this is so 2019.'

'"Maths is not about problem solving, its about how numbers make you feel." The Simpsons saw this coming'

'Now that Im older and rewatched this again. Seeing people LITERALLY being like this, Im scared.'

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