La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

For some psychological reason, people love to shit on anything that's getting popular. Maybe they think they're unique when they hate on what everyone loves (I've been there) because it's mainstream or maybe they just really hated it. Regardless, this film deserves every single nomination it received and I am ready to fight everyone on this. This was my second time seeing it & though I thought I'd be bored, I was JUST as invested in every second if not even more emotionally involved than the first time. 
It's such a relatable movie and it's VERY INSPIRING. I've made a mental note to come back to this movie whenever I feel like giving up on what my dream is as cliche as it sounds. Everyone poured their soul into this movie and you can clearly tell. It deserves every single nomination and all the hype because it's NOT overrated, it's a good film and that is why everyone loved it and that's why everyone is talking about it. I hope they win everything because they deserve it.

(Fuck punctuation)
(It made my emotionless cousin SOB)

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