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  • Passengers



    When WALL-E came out in 2008, someone on a film podcast (I forget who and which one) argued that WALL-E had basically date-raped Eve. I don't quite buy that. But if such an argument could apply, it would apply to this wildly misguided story. 

    From Aurora's POV, it's more interesting and terrifying. If they BOTH wake up at the same time, it's more interesting. This version is profoundly backwards and gross.

    But it looked nice! And it's yet another Blacklist script that makes me think the Blacklist should never be used as an arbiter of quality.

  • Bad Moms

    Bad Moms


    Christina Applegate is going to win a lot of awards when she plays Kellyanne Conway in the eventual movie.

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  • The Rocketeer

    The Rocketeer


    "How did it feel, strapping that thing to your back and flying like a bat out of hell?"

    "Well, it's the closest I'll ever get to heaven, Mr. Hughes."

    What an exciting, uncynical, legitimately fun this movie still is, 22 years after the fact.

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    I think that maybe the best part of this incredible film is Jon Brion's drum-heavy build-up to the phone call between Sandler and PSH. It knows how explosive the call is, and it knows how explosive we want the call to be.

    My God, what a movie.