Little Shop of Horrors ★★★★½

I flippin’ love this film. It’s an almost perfect remake, and is an example of how to do a remake! It’s one of those films which is not talked about as often as it should, (or maybe it is I don’t know) but I just really enjoy it! The outstanding puppetry for Audrey II, which needed nearly 60 puppeteers, has aged better than any CGI which would happen to today. Absolutely brilliant! Steve Martin’s character steals the show in this film, giving us one of the best songs in a musical ever. (The scene with Bill Murray is also genius). Rick Moranis is bloody brill in this, along with Ellen Greene, and pretty much every other cast member. I love how it’s fast pace can leave this film as such an entertaining flick! It’s great! There are also some genuinely intense scenes too, which leave you impressed at the balancing of tone. Now, I’m reviewing the directors cut here which means that there are two very different endings. I prefer in pretty much every way the directors cut ending, so if you watch this, always Google or YouTube the original ending, as it fits the story way better in my opinion! The ending song definitely deserved the award for best original song, as it fits the wacky tone so much!