Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

This film is great! The story is well written, paced, and structured. The characters are compelling, designed well, voiced great, casted amazingly. And the visuals, are amazing. As an artist myself (my art found here @vinni3_star ) when I first saw the trailer, man oh man was I stoked. Emoji movie, to this! It blew me away. Pretty much any frame of this film could go on my wall and look great as a poster. Nic Cage as Spider Noir is probably the best casting choice ever for a Spiderman Movie. It’s funny, self aware, emotional, and action packed, what more do you want? Some issues i do have, which aren’t really issues, is, one: the music choice. It went with today’s hip hop music, which feels off at times, but Post Malone is a win too I guess. Also, at a certain point there are quotes being repeated for the viewers, which were said only minutes ago, which kinda annoyed me a bit. But obviously, I love this film man