Toy Story 3 ★★★★★

I will probably never fully review this film as it means so much to me, so I will tell you why:

When I was 4, my mother and grandfather took me to see a little film in the cinema called Toy Story 3, since I didn’t really know life at the time, I just waddled along. I watched the film and...I was in awe. Something about it, I loved. And somehow, this film had my grandfather to left of me crying somehow, I was so confused, but, I loved it. So, throughout the years after that, (and still now...) I was obsessed with Toy Story. I knew everything about it. Basically, that film got me into loving pop culture, and movies, and practically shaped who I was. So when I heard a 4th one was coming out, although I thought it may ruin the ending of 3, I was so so excited. Thankfully, my mum and I got tickets for opening night, and it was absolutely amazing and by far the best experience at the cinema. This is why I probably will never review any of the Toy Story films, they are just hard to talk about.

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