F*&% the Prom ½

Maddy: You're a selfie virgin? A *surgin*?

Cole: As long as you go to prom, your high school experience won't be a complete bust. And if you're crowned prom king or queen, it's like being told you win at high school.
Maddy: Yeah but sometimes it's the gay kid, or the trans-sexual kid, or the crippled kid.
Cole: So that the popular kids can feel like good people for allowing it to happen.
Maddy: I never thought of it that way.
Cole: See, um... What the popular kids don't realize is that most of their awesome high school experiences are at the expense of the unpopular kids' feelings.

These are a fraction of the stupid and down right offensive lines in this movie F*&% this stupid piece of garbage. Also it is very clear after watching this that the fine brothers have clearly never been to a high school in their lives