The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★★

A hilarious, exciting animated comedy with brilliant artwork brought to life by fantastic direction and a world class voice-over cast. The story-line is completely original for this type of film and all of the plot points are remarkably creative. This movie has it all. A heartfelt message, hilarious and original characters, and visuals that will keep you engaged throughout. The dynamics between characters were as developed as an award winning, live action drama film. I typically don't expect much out of the score from a non-musical animated film, but wow. The music was a perfect compliment to the chaotically funny events throughout.

If this isn't nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Picture, it will be a crime. In my personal opinion, this movie is on par with animated classics like Finding Nemo, Soul, Toy Story, and even Into the Spiderverse. Get the entire family together and watch this on Netflix ASAP!

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