Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ½

How about that algorithm, huh? He came up with the entire presentation. 
Space Jam: A New Legacy is not only complete trash, it is also totally abominable in its very existence. I figured it would be bleak based on the little I knew going into it, but what I got is far, far worse. There is absolutely nothing human present in this movie. It is a completely sterile product of corporate excess and greed. "Product" is truly the right word for it. This massive, amorphous blob of "content" was synthesized in a lab for marketing and algorithms. 
A New Legacy is clickbait cinema, a dispassionate product of cold capitalists trying to stuff as much branding, franchises, memes, and references into a content delivery system.

I sincerely wish I could go back, never watch this, never add my +1 to the streaming numbers that I'm sure are being monitored closely, and never experience what I'm feeling now. Space Jam: A New Legacy is a completely desolate, soulless, inhuman piece of shit.

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