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  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    When I went into the theatre for this I didn't have very high expectations. I thought this was gonna be just like every other marvel movie (which it was) but I have to say it had its good bits which stood out like the car scene towards the end. One of the annoying things about this movie is the hardcore cliche characters and ending which was too cheesy for me but otherwise this was pretty entertaining. 


  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Moonrise Kingdom


    Visually amazing as most of Andersons films but content wise not outstanding. A fun watch though.


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  • The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life


    The Tree Of Life written and directed by Terrence Malick follows the lives of an american family consisting of three sons, a loving and caring mother and an at times harsh and very strickt father.

    This beautifully shot two hour drama discusses life, death, religion, love, hate and everything between that. The at most times hand held camera work makes the scenes seem very real and lifelike which is contributed by the background noise of blowing wind, trickling water and…

  • Koyaanisqatsi



    Koyaanisqatsi directed by Godfrey Reggio contrasts the calm and beautiful nature with the Hektik and destructive civilization. 

    This film is full of beautiful yet contradicting images such as the slow-mo scene of the waves and clouds compared to the fast forwarded scenes of factories and explosions which is all complimented by the amazing music composed by Philip Glass which admires' and criticizes the footage shown. Within the first 15 min of the film when we see the beautiful landscapes the music is…