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  • Madame Web

    Madame Web


    3/10. Action edited like Catwoman, dumb as Batman and Robin, as fun as 2015’s Fant4astic 4our, and lacks the stupid entertainment from Morbius. In an alternate universe (Earth 2), Martin Scorsese will call this absolute cinema.

    Seriously though, who the fuck edited the action scenes? Why does Sony’s Spider-Man Universe have no Spider-Man in it? Why did Sony waste the potential of the cast and the cool characters? How does SpongeBob drink water from a glass while living in a…

  • The Beekeeper

    The Beekeeper


    5/10. To bee a stupid movie or to bee a very stupid movie filled with puns. Is that a declarative statement?
       So many bee puns that it makes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ice puns in Batman and Robin seem tame. I’m surprised Nicolas Cage didn’t show up screaming “not the bees, nooooo, the bees in my eyes”. This a B(ee) movie so don’t expect A tier movie content.

    Truth bee told, my taste in movies have changed a lot because…

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  • The Abyss

    The Abyss


    8/10. Mind-blowing special effects mixed in with a claustrophobic, albeit a little too long, wet adventure. 

    I can’t believe the special effects are from 1989. Like damn, holds up extremely well now in 2024. I was absolutely in awe looking at the visuals in this film. James Cameron movies always have cutting edge visual effects and this is no different. It showcases his deep love for the ocean and disastrous underwater adventures. The acting was good but I felt like…

  • Lift


    2/10. So fucking hartless.

    Good God! This Netflix film is so fucking boring, generic, stupid, and painfully bland. I love Kevin Hart but what the fuck was he thinking? All of the great cast were waisted in this piece of shit. Netflix didn’t even try on this one. I could barely keep focus and the movie felt like it was about three hours long. 

    ~Best Movies of 2024 Ranked:

    ~Best Movies of 2023 Ranked:

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  • Oppenheimer



    9/10. Christopher Nolan proves once again that he is one of the most prolific filmmakers of our time. This biographical drama is brilliantly crafted, epic in scope, and has powerful storytelling anchored with a very well-rounded cast. The way he crafts this film on a terrifying subject is beautiful and intense.
    The sound design is hard hitting and awesomely loud. Yes, you can hear most of dialogue and doesn’t get drowned out like it did in “Tenet”. Ludwig Goransson creates…

  • Thanksgiving



    8/10. Finally, Eli Roth returns to his horror roots in nearly a decade. It’s an old school throwback of the classic slasher genre. Eli Roth goes full on Eli Roth.

    It’s gory, fun, has inventive kills, funny, gnarly, bloody, fucked up, humorous, mysterious, and a new horror villain. It hilariously satires America’s unhealthy appetite for Black Friday. Seriously, the Black Friday massacre in this movie is saddening funny, spot on, insane, full of carnage, and full of mob mentality.