Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★

I have no interest in giving this a proper review but here's some pro's and cons to get you through (yes, I meant for that to rhyme, shut up)


- Tom Holland is, in my opinion, the best live action Spider-Man we've had to date being perfect as Peter Parker both in and out of the costume.
- Michael Keaton was spectacular as Vulture bringing both humanity and foreboding menace to the role. One of the best villains the MCU has to offer, if not THE best (though no real competition really).
- Tony Stark wasn't in it nearly as much as I feared he would be, this is a Spider-Man film through and through (that's a pro, screw you)
- There is more time spent focusing on developing Peter as a character while all the franchise building is left in the background (the little there is of it) leading to a more cohesive and controlled narrative.
- The humour, while miss rather than hit, doesn't feel as forced as it does in other Marvel films (specifically Guardians of the Galaxy + sequel or Doctor Strange).
- Does a fairly good job at balancing Peter's high school life and his secret life in the costume, while character relationships flow fairy naturally.


- Not a single action sequence in the entire film has any sort of emotional weight behind them whatsoever due to either Stark coming in and saving the day or there being zero consequence to any of Peter's actions (sure, he loses his suit but that's a personal affliction not one that effects the well being of others)
- Peter himself is never really in any danger and goes by pretty safely. In one scene he gets crushed by a building and that's pretty much the only time in the whole film he seems to be in peril but that is made redundant when he completely brushes it off in the following scenes.
- Tony Revolori just does not work as Flash Thompson, he's not imposing in the slightest and is reduced to some punk who just calls people names, not integral to the film whatsoever and his scenes could easily be replaced with more development.
- In addition to the action scenes feeling utterly weightless they're also incredibly bland in there production, once again Marvel plays it safe, basic camerawork, angles, composition, staging etc. Nothing feels particularly fresh and while "fun" in the general sense, uninteresting in every other.

As a whole I had a good time with Spider-Man: Homecoming and would recommend it to the casual fan, those looking for something inventive and fresh, however, won't find it here, watch Baby Driver instead, that deserves your money, too

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