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  • The Hunt For Planet B

    The Hunt For Planet B


  • Moxie



    Thanks for the advice. But I’m going to keep my head up, high.

    Candy-coated Booksmart! Made my heart jump with joy. Could see myself watching this again. Down with the patriarchy.

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  • Little Fish

    Little Fish


    "I don't have a ring."

    "Then buy me a fish." 

    Boston Film Festival # 4

    swoon worthy, dreamlike, devastating. Took my breath away. Cooke is extraordinary and the heart of the film. O'Connell was subdued and magnificent at the same time. Obviously show biz is competitive but you gotta wonder why they aren't booking more roles? There are so many little lines and moments that I want to keep with me forever. I will try to write some more once my tears dry up. Might be my favorite of the year.

  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    "The world is fucked by unemotional, rational men deciding shit"

    Hawke and Delpy's partnership is like fine wine it gets better with age. Love seeing these two share the screen.