Scream ★★★★

It’s been a good amount of time since I’ve watched Scream, and it’s fair to say I’ve watched it many many times in my youth. It was the key film that got me invested in horror, I would quote it all over online, and even used the name Billy too. The fact that it remained my first horror interest and that I watched it so young is funny, but largely this film is a spoof. It constantly jabs at horror movies left and right, which I think is clever, funny but it also elevates the horror in the film and it comes unexpectedly. Even after all these years the opening scene still remains cinematic gold, impossible to look away even though I know what happens. Certainly Rose McGowan’s breasts become a focus more than her actual self which is a little annoying and feels less like a spoof than it should. It’s funny that Scary Movie came out a few years later only to mock the movie which partial set out to do the same. 

Scream is a 90s pop culture classic and successful added on of the best entries to the high school based films such as Heathers and Clueless. 

“You sick fucks seen one too many movies” 
“Sid don’t blame the movies!! Movies don’t create psychos! They make psychos more creative!”

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