Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★


Now think to yourself on how could they have made this bad, I mean its Batman fighting Superman what could go wrong? A lot can. Now before I go all "this movie sucks" I want to say that I was so hyped for this movie that when I was in the movies I literally was filled with just true joy!

I actually, despite my negative tone, thought this was a well done movie with solid everything. But you see that's the problem it shouldn't have been "well done", it should have been done extremely well but just fell a little flat. Ben Affleck man, I mean I'm a HUGE Noaln Fanboy and Christian Bale is my batman. But then I saw this and he absolutely killed it (Fuck you haters from 2013). Ben Affleck is just the perfect Bruce Wanye and and a more brutal, and beautiful Batman. Henry Cavill to me is the perfect Superman even to my friends who don't like Man of Steel agree he's pretty perfect for it. Jesse fucking Eisenberg, you killed it and are pretty messed up too. Oh and Gal Gadot please marry me?

Now the problem I have with this movie is that it's more Dawn of Justice than Batman V Superman . Saying that this part will have some mild SPOILERS. After Bruce has his Knightmare and The Flash comes from the future and all that I literally looked at my friend and said wtf. Like it was the stupidest thing I've ever seen in any comic book movie to date. Also I like the way the showed them but it was really shoved down our throat with OMG JUSTICE LEAGUE. It's like we know that movie is coming out.

The plot is nothing, its nothing pure nothing. Most of the plot just confused me. But what I did enjoy was the fight between them. Although it was like 10 minutes it was the best goddamn 10 minutes of my life. After all that guess what happens? Oh yea doomsday! Yea that was cool to see them fight together, but like I said more Dawn of Justice . I'm really intrigued to see what the DCEU brings. However, I'm a little sacred that they are all set ups to sequels. While BvS is good I just don't see my self seeing it again in the theater.

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