Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★½

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"That should be upside down. We know better now, don't we? Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky."

I think I have finally fallen in love with Batman v Superman. My rating was high when I had only seen the theatrical cut and when I heard about the new "R-Rated Ultimate Cut" well I just new I would love it. I heard some people say it was such an improvement over the original and I got super excited.

My friend has said that if the director needed a new version and 30 extra minutes to make a good film isn't that bad film making? And while I somewhat agree on this statement I also disagree. I view directors cut's to be an expansion on what they wanted to do but just couldn't. There was no way in hell Warner Brothers would let Zack Snyder make a three hour R-Rated version and show it in theaters. So he didn't and that's what we got back in March. Now even that should have been amazing but I still thought it was great so no harm done. It's really quite amazing to me that little scenes thrown in here and there can make such a huge impact on the film itself. But that's the beauty of it. They aren't just random scenes, they actully make a somewhat confusing plot understandable. Little details about Luthor plan or showcasing a little empathy for Superman. It didn't matter if it was for a minute or five, the extra scenes actually counted for something.

Casting an actor, or actress, for really any role can be difficult, but I find casting for comic book roles is especially difficult because fans want to see their childhood superheroes portrayed just like they remember them from the comics. Back when I originally saw Man of Steel I knew right away that I couldn't see any one but Henry Cavill as Superman. From the people I've talked to about it they all seem to agree, wether they liked MOS or not, that Cavill was a great choice. But to the other side of the coin, Ben Affleck got a ton of shit when he was cast. And I mean a ton. But when the first images came in people had more hope and then BvS dropped and everyone agreed he was the best part. If you don't believe me just watch the warehouse fight. That was THE Batman I wanted.

There's only really minor problems I have with this. One being Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luther. I'm sorry but he brought the entire film down with him. He's so NOT what Lex is. He talked annoyingly and he was the real reason I don't give this with five stars. My other real problem is Lois Lane. Don't get me wrong Amy Adams is fine and all but the way she was written was so horrible. I actually think she was in this more than Bruce Wayne and that's just not right. After that note I do have to say Gal Gadot is a really good Wonder Woman and I feel her movie will be the best out of the DCEU. Also her guitar theme is just beautifully done and fits along with the other scores so well.

A story of two of the biggest and well-known superheroes is kinda hard because of the way the characters are themselves so I feel that BvS did a good job giving both Batman and Superman a good arc and you are really liking both characters, although they are conflicting with each other. While the real "fight" between Batman and Superman was only around ten minutes it was the greatest God damn ten minutes you've ever seen. The script has some questionable lines but overall it worked. As a film it really is good and especially as a gift to the comic book fans, BvS is an underrated gem.

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