Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★


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"Men are still good."

One of the most endearing, phenomenally entertaining, & underrated masterpieces of the 21st century - and superhero genre in comparison - Zack Snyder's ambitious Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most compelling and arguable films to ever be made. There's serious hate and contempt for this film and I don't understand why - truly why. I always hear the same bland complaints with the film, and even when proved why that is, people don't see how great the film truly is.

I think one key reason why people don't find the films of the DCEU good is how dark and depressing the films are; and it's just crazy how people don't see the light in the films and how realistic they are. BvS is standalone in its own way - even from the DCEU - it's a modern interpretation of these heroes and it shouldn't be compared to anything other than the comic it's based on. The Dark Knight Returns is a real life telling of Batman vs Superman and it's dark as all hell and people love it, and yet when Snyder does it the same way, people flip out.

Snyder introduced Superman in an extraordinary way in Man of Steel and continues this version of Superman in this film and his story is done in such a great way; Superman isn't sure what to do, he's inexperienced, he's still learning, and Snyder displays this character to perfection. This Superman isn't the shiny, colorful one that everyone knows and loves. It's a realistic story of a God-like figure in a mans world and you have to know that to understand what Snyder was trying to do the whole time.

Everyone has their own opinions, but Snyder's style is a 50/50 gamble, but I'm all for it. His direction is pure chaotic brilliance; the fight scenes are brutal, entertaining, and heart racing beyond belief. The Superman/Batman fight isn't long, but it doesn't need to be. It's the lead up & the conclusion that matter; the fight is eight minutes but that eight minutes are pure perfection and could watch all day. The Martha scene humanize Superman in a way Batman didn't see and plays out so much better than people realize. People say it's a worthless conclusion, but it has such a deeper meaning than what's on the surface.

Ben Affleck is an absolute killer Batman and is possibly my favorite live action version of the character; he plays the brutal & brilliant part to a pitch. Henry Cavill is amazing and he uses the self-doubtful Superman perfectly and excellently. Gal Gadot is an absolute gem and one of the many highlights of the film. I still can't get behind Jesse Eisenberg's Luther but with each watch he gets less and less annoying. All the characters just flow perfectly to me.

Everything about this film just mesmerizes me in a way no comic book film does; the ideology of the characters in this universe, the realism the film provides differently from Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy and they both work in their own ways. Even after a fifth viewing, the film amazes me and continues to impress especially on a technical level; the production team is suburb, the music is perfection, and the costumes are phenomenal. In short, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the gem of this decade.

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